34058 Sir Frederick Pile (SR 21C158, BR sc1C158 & BR 34058)

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34058 Sir Frederick Pile (Sir Frederick Pile was General Officer Commanding of Anti-Aircraft Command, one of the elements that protected Britain from aerial attack during WWII and the Battle of Britain.) was built at Brighton in 1947 with original air smoothed casing and numbered 21C158. It was initially allocated to Nine Elms but moved on to Stewarts Lane in August 1949 for a month before returning to Nine Elms. In March 1951 34058 was transferred to Exmouth Junction where it remained until October 1963 when it moved to Eastleigh.

The locomotive was rebuilt in March 1960 and the air smoothed casing was removed and 34058 continued in service until withdrawal in October 1964, having only a brief life as a rebuild and covered 812,568 miles in total in service.

It arrived at Woodham Brothers scrapyard in 1965 and stayed there until privately purchased by Mike Vout in 1986.

The early restoration history appears to indicate that it went to the Avon Valley Railway. It is clear that it was then moved to the Mid Hants Railway in 2011 (when Avon Valley Railway evicted the Mike Vout) in a partly restored state using new parts rather than ones from other locomotives. The owner has donated the locomotive to the railway.

Much of the restoration work has involved studying drawings from Eastleigh and Brighton works prior to producing the required components. Understanding sometimes being aided to view other locomotives of the class which have already been restored.

The tender is being constructed totally from scratch at Bitton.

In 2000 work concentrated on the boiler. After considerable effort, all the large and small diameter tubes were removed (for the first time in about 40 years!). Most of them were extracted easily, but some of the small tubes, being clogged solid with soot and ash, took a lot of persuasion to get out.

No work has been done on the locomotive since the previous owner died in 2015 although the Mid Hants Railway intends to restore 34058 to run as a member of the home fleet.

Home BaseCurrent StatusOwner
Mid Hants RailwayUnder restorationMid Hants Railway Preservation Society
34058 Sir Frederick Pile
34058 Sir Frederick Pile leaving Winchester on a train to Bournemouth – May 1964
34058 Sir Frederick Pile leaving Brockenhurst with a train from Waterloo – Circa 1964
34058 Sir Fredrick Pile in Woodham’s scrapyard at Barry – January 1986
34058 Sir Frederick Pile awaits renovation on the Avon Valley Railway at Bitton – July 1988
34058 Sir Frederick Pile at Alresford on the Mid Hants Railway - July 2017.jpg
34058 Sir Frederick Pile at Alresford on the Mid Hants Railway – July 2017

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