Industrial Locomotives

I have only included standard gauge locomotives which are preserved in Britain. 

Standard gauge industrial steam locomotive builders

Andrew Barclay Sons & Company

Aveling & Porter

Avonside Engine Company

W G Bagnall & Company

Black Hawthorn & Company

Beyer Peacock & Company

E Borrows & Sons

Brush Electrical Engineering Co


Dübs & Company

Fletcher Jennings & Co

Fox, Walker & Company

Gibb & Hogg

Grant Ritchie & Company

Haydock Foundry

R & W Hawthorn

R & W Hawthorn, Leslie & Company

Head, Wrightson & Co

Hudswell Clarke & Company

Hunslet Engine Company

Kerr Stuart & Company

Kitson & Company

Kerr Stuart & Comp

Manning Wardle & Company

Markham & Co Ltd

Nasyth, Wilson & Co

Neilson & Company – Neilson Reid & Company

North British Locomotive Company

Peckett & Sons

Robert Heath & Son Ltd

Robert Stephenson & Co

Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn

Sentinel Industrial Locomotives Ltd

Sharp, Stewart & Co

South Durham Steel & Iron Co

Stephen Lewin

Vulcan Foundry

Wigan Coal & Iron Company

Yorkshire Engine Company

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