Brush Electrical Engineering Co

The Falcon Engine and Car Works was formed as a new company in 1882.

Due to a recession, Henry Hughes and Co (or Hughes’s Locomotive and Tramway Engine Works) was in financial difficulties. The company was taken over by Norman Scott Russell and renamed the Falcon Railway Plant Works. The factory remained busy with both railway and tramway locomotives and rolling stock. Among these were tank locomotives for Ireland, Spain and the Azores. Some were subcontracts from other firms, such as Kerr, Stuart and Co, at that time in Glasgow.

Kerr, Stuart and Co of Glasgow acted as agents for their locomotives.

In 1889 Falcon Engine and Car Works Limited was wound up and became part of the Brush Electrical Engineering Company Limited.

About 250 steam locomotives were built in addition to the tram engines. Production finished after First World War and the company concentrated on transport-related electrical equipment, including tramcars, trolleybuses and battery-operated vehicles.

Preserved Locomotives

Works No Built Name Type Location
314 1906 921 0-4-0ST On static display the Mountsorrel and Rothley heritage centre Leicestershire

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