Ireland – 5ft 3in Gauge

I thought I would put some of my time during the Covi-19 pandemic lockdowns extending the web site to include preserved Irish steam locomotives. I decided I would limit this to what I regard as standard gauge locomotives but this translates to 5ft 3in rather than the far more common 4ft 8½in

I struggled with myself about including some of the locomotives as I recognise that they are not British but Irish but I have included them for completeness. I cannot change the website to British and Irish. I am working on developing the site to cover all British built steam locomotives that have been preserved throughout the world but do not wish to delete the Irish locomotives.

The standard gauge preserved steam engines are listed below under the original railway company that they were built for. I do recognise that Guinness is not a railway company.

Belfast & County Down Railway    

30     Belfast & County Down Railway     4-4-2T      UTA No 230   Beyer Peacock  Works No 4231

Cómhlucht Siúicre Eireann

Cómhlucht Siúicre Éireann        0-4-0T    Orenstein & Koppel

1 Thurles

3 Mallow

Dublin and South Eastern Railway

15      GSR 461    Dublin and South Eastern Railway     2-6-0      Class K2      G H Wild

Londonderry Port and Harbour Commissioners

1     Londonderry Port and Harbour Commissioners     0-6-0ST      Robert Stephenson & Co Works No 2738    

3   R H Smyth     Londonderry Port and Harbour Commissioners     0-6-0ST      Avonside Engine Co  Works No 2021

Great Northern Railway

85 Merlin    Great Northern Railway     4-4-0      Class V      G T Glover    Compound

93 Sutton    Great Northern Railway    2-4-2T      Class JT      J C Park

131 Uranus    Great Northern Railway    4-4-0      Class  Q      C Clifford

171 Slieve Gullion    Great Northern Railway    4-4-0      Class  S    C Clifford

Great Southern Railways

800 Maeḋḃ           Great Southern Railway    4-6-0      Class  800       CIÉ  Class B1a

Great Southern & Western Railway

36    Great Southern & Western Railway     2-2-2      Bury, Curtis & Kennedy Ltd

90   Great Southern & Western Railway        GS&WR  Class 90          CIÉ Class  J30      0-6-0T     

Great Southern & Western Railway     0-6-0     Class 101   GSR Class J15 


.186 Sharp Stewart & Co Works No 2838

Guinness Brewery

3 BG    Guinnness Brewery        0-4-0ST      Hudswell Clarke    Works No 1152

Northern Counties Committee

4    Northern Counties Committee     2-6-4T      Class WT    Ivatt

74  Dunluce Castle    Northern Counties Committee     4-4-0      Class U2    North British Locomotive Company  Works No 23096

Sligo, Leitrim and Northern Counties Railway

Lough Erne     Sligo, Leitrim and Northern Counties Railway     0-6-4T      Lough Class   Beyer Peacock  Works No 7242

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