30 Belfast & County Down Railway 4-4-2T UTA No 230 Beyer Peacock Works No 4231

CompanyBelfast & County Down Railway
Weight56t 18cwt
Driving Wheels5ft 6ins
Boiler Pressure160psi
CylindersInside – 17in x 24in
Tractive Effort14,292lbf 

The Belfast and County Down (BCDR) linked Belfast with County Down and was absorbed into the Ulster Transport Authority (UTA) in 1948.

This locomotive was one of twelve built by Beyer Peacock & Co at Manchester between 1901 and 1921. BCDR number 30 was built as works number 4231 in 1901 and is now preserved..

In 1951 number 30 was renumbered 230 by the UTA.

The locomotives were withdrawn from service from 1956 with the last one surviving until 1962.

The locomotive is now preserved at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum at Cultra near Belfast.

30 in the Ulster Transport & Folk Museum at Cultrsa – December 2014
30 in the Ulster Transport & Folk Museum – December 2015
30 in the Ulster Transport & Folk Museum at Cultra – May 2019

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