Photograph Credits

I am very thankful to the people who have allowed me to use their photographs.  Permission to use them has been given on the basis that I only use them on this site and do not generate any income as a result.

All photographs which have not been taken by me are marked as the copyright of the photographer. Permission to use these photographs can only be given by the person named or myself in the case of my own photographs.

All of the photographs included have been included at reduced file sizes so that they are unlikely to be of use for copying for other uses.

I am still looking to add quality photographs which will enhance the site. Photographs will only be accepted from the owner. As this site does not generate income no payments for any photographs used can be made. I can be contacted at 

The contributors are listed below together with links to their Flickr sites.

Keith Burton –

Mick Cottam –

Declan Hargreaves – 

Peter Todd –

Terry Pinnegar –

Paul Bryson –

Gordon Edgar –

Steve Allen –

Ron Fisher –

Andrew Southwell –

J S Hancock –

Derek Elston –

Laurie Mulrine –

Charlie Verrall –

Mick Hymans collection via Charlie Verrall

Dave Warby –

Mike Gill –

Dan Adkins –

Mark Gibson –

Keith Partlow –

Adrian Nicholls –

On Tour With the Class 13 Army –

Andrew K Murray –

Kevin Lane –

Gerv Wright –

Keith Chambers –

Historical Railway Images  –

Paul Williams –

Mick Tick –  and

Tony Wright –

Charlie Jackson –

Mark Sampson –

John Turner –

Patrick Esseling –

Tom Burnham –

John Stein –

Chris Stanley –

Timitrius –

John Dunn Engineering –

David Beardmore –

John Evans –

Alistair Smith –

Pete Hackney –

David Christie –

George Woods –

Richard Denny –

Terry Campbell –

Dick Manton –

Bury Standard 4 Group –

John Whiteley –

John Freeth –

Patrick O’Brien –

Alastair Wood –

David J Smith –

Peter Brabham – including the John Wiltshire Collection –

Mick Mobley via Andrew Lance –

Glen Fairweather –

Barry Lamb – Darlington Railway Preservation Society

LMS Patriot Project –

Barry C Austin –

Pete Boor –

Keith W Platt –

Roger Joanes –

Roger Norton –

Robert Stewart –

Norfolk Heritage Steam Railway Ltd –

John Checkley –

John Green –

Peter Sedge & FG Steine – Peter Sedge Collection –

Roger Smith –

Keith Miller –

Neil Harvey –

Iain Smith –

Ian N Fraser –

Steve Richatds –

Alex Alder –

Jim Lock –

Gareth Price –

Lewis Bevan –

Peter Leigh –

Mark Carter –

Peter Eradus

Ben Scott

Dave Barsby

Dana Wiffen

Graham Harris

Peter D Lewis

National Coal Mining Museum

East Lothian Coal Mining Museum (ELMS)

Rocks by Rail Museum

The National Tramway Museum at Crich

Colin Dingley

Ian Byrne

Martin Alton

Ray Denton

Philip Davey

Andy Harper

Colin Stott

Ben Scott

Ben Hanson

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