Photograph Credits

I am very thankful to the people who have allowed me to use their photographs.  Permission to use them has been given on the basis that I only use them on this site and do not generate any income as a result.

All photographs which have not been taken by me are marked as the copyright of the photographer. Permission to use these photographs can only be given by the person named or myself in the case of my own photographs.

All of the photographs included have been included at reduced file sizes so that they are unlikely to be of use for copying for other uses.

I am still looking to add quality photographs which will enhance the site. Photographs will only be accepted from the owner. As this site does not generate income no payments for any photographs used can be made. I can be contacted at 

The contributors are listed below together with links to their Flickr sites.

70023venus2009 –

A1 Steam Locomotive Trust –

Adrian Nicholls –

Adrian Roberts

Alan Appleton

Alan Brooks

Alan C. Clifford

Alastair Wood –

Alex Alder –

Alistair Smith –

Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales –

Andrew J Brindley – Down to nowhere | Flickr

Andrew K Murray –

Andrew Southwell –

Andy Cole –

Andy Harper

B K Hilton

Barnsley Victor – Barnsley Victor | Flickr

Barry C Austin –

Barry Lamb – Darlington Railway Preservation Society

Ben Hanson

Ben Scott

Bernard Walker

Bob Stapley

Brian Pearson

Bury Standard 4 Group –

Charlie Jackson –

Charlie Verrall including Mick Hymans collection–

Chasewater Railway Museum –

Chris Stanley –

Clive Grewcock – Clive G’ | Flickr

Colin Churcher –

Colin Dingley

Colin Stott

Dan Adkins –

Dana Wiffen

Dave Barsby

Dave Lennon –

Dave Manton – Dave58282’s albums | Flickr

Dave Warby –

David Beardmore –

David Christie –

David Cooke –

David J Smith –

David James

David L Quayle –

David Lodge

David Miller

Declan Hargreaves

Dennis Jarvis –

Derek Elston –

Derek Cashen

Derek Palmer

Dick Manton –

East Lothian Coal Mining Museum (ELMS)

f22photographie –

Frank Mallon

Frank Richards

Fred Kerr

Gareth Price –

Garry Lakin

Geoff Cryer –

Geoff Marshall

George Jones

George Woods –

Gerv Wright –

Glen Fairweather –

Gordon Edgar –

Gordon Haime

Gordon Slater

Graham Harris

Haydn Woropay

Historical Railway Images – Alon Sitt  –

Iain Smith –

Ian Byrne

Ian Golding

Ian Kellett

Ian N Fraser –

Ian Spencer

J S Hancock –

Jeff Hodgson – Jeff Hodgson | Flickr

Jeff Mullier –

Jim Lock –

Joe Porter    

John Checkley –

John Dunn Engineering –

John Evans –

John Freeth –

John Green –

John Griffiths

John Law –

John Stein –

John Thorn

John Turner –

John Walton –

John Webb – JOHN WEBB | Flickr

John Whiteley –

John Williams

Jon Horrocks – Jon Horrocks | Flickr

Jonathan Allen –

Joseph Hollick –

Kane Antony Ray

Keith Brunskill

Keith Burton –

Keith Chambers –

Keith Long –

Keith Miller –

Keith Norman

Keith Partlow –

Keith W Platt –

Kevin Fryer

Kevin Lane –

Laurie Mulrine –

Lewis Bevan –

Lindsay Young – 67C 42909 – A Gae Dark Hole | Flickr

LMS Patriot Project –

Lox Pix Australia –

Mark Carter –

Mark Hows –

Mark Leeming

Mark Sampson –

Martin Alton

Martin Gibson –

Martin King

Martin Smith –

Marty Bernard –

Mel Gunn

Michael Alderman –

Michael Donovan

Michael Hosken

Mick Chester

Mick Cottam –

Mick Mobley via Andrew Lance –

Mick Tick –  and

Mike Brocklebank –

Mike Foote

Mike Gill –

Mike Nicholls

Milepost98 –

Nathan Lawrence –

National Coal Mining Museum

National Mining Museum Scotland –

Neil Harvey –

Neil Harvey – Polyrus –

Nicholas T Smith

Nigel Atterton

Nigel Menzies –

Norfolk Heritage Steam Railway Ltd –

On Tour With the Class 13 Army –

Patrick Esseling

Patrick O’Brien –

Paul Bryson –

Paul Davies

Paul Foster

Paul Phillips

Paul Williams –

Pete Boor –

Pete Hackney –

Pete Newman

Peter Adams

Peter Brabham – including the John Wiltshire Collection –

Peter Brown –

Peter D Lewis

Peter Eradus

Peter Leigh –

Peter Pascoe

Peter Quilley

Peter Sedge & FG Steine – Peter Sedge Collection –

Peter Todd –

Phil Bevan –

Philip Davey

Phil Waterfield – Phil Waterfield | Flickr

Philip M. Goldstein –

Philip Ross

Ralph Bridle

Ray Denton

Ray Viney –

Richard Buckby

Richard Denny –

Richard Dunkley

Richard Greenwood

Richard Hodgkiss

Richard Salmon

Rob Higgins –

Robert Stewart –

Rocks by Rail Museum

Roger Darsley

Roger Joanes –

Roger Norton –

Roger Smith –

Ron Fisher –

Ryan Hodson

Sassaby61022 –

Scolton Manor Park – Catriona Hilditch

Stephen Thornton

Steve Allen –

Steve Anderson

Steve Kirby

Steve Lee –

Steve Richards –

Steven Winter

Taylor Whittle

Terry Campbell –

Terry Pinnegar –

The National Tramway Museum at Crich

Timitrius –

Timon Rose –

Tom Burnham –

Tom Derrington –

Tony Newman

Tony Power

Tony Storey –

Tony Wright –

Trevor Tremethick

Tyne & Wear Archive & Museums

Whitstable Museum –

William Peter Martindale – pentax spotmatic 7718’s albums | Flickr

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