184 Great Southern & Western Railway 0-6-0 Class 101 GSR Class J15

This locomotive was built in 1880 at the Inchicore works of the GS&WR in Dublin. It retained its original 101 class smaller saturated boiler throughout its life unlike 186 which was fitted with a superheated boiler and Belpaire firebox in 1932.

184 was still attached to a smaller (1,864 gallon) tender when withdrawn from service.

184 was withdrawn from service in 1963 and acquired by the Railway Preservation Society of Ireland (RPSI) was formed was formed the following year.

The locomotive has operated on the main line during preservation during the period 1978 to 1988. At times the locomotive has been attached to the larger tender from classmate 186 to increase its coal and water capacity whilst on main line duties.

The locomotive is now stored under cover at the RPSI’s Whitehead Railway Museum.

The locomotive is complete, but needs a new front tubeplate and work done on a seriously corroded cylinder block. Its tender tank will also need to be replaced. As the requirement is now for larger locomotives to work railtours it is unlikely to steam again in the foreseeable future. The plans is that the locomotive will be cosmetically restored for display at the Whitehead Railway Museum.

184 in Dublin Amiens Street shed yard – March 1963
184 in front of 461 at Inchicore – July 1975
184 at RSPI base at Mullingar – May 1978
184 at Ballinahoe – May 1982
184 between Ballinasloe and Woodlawn with the RPSI Thomond Railtour – May 1982
184 near Kilconnel heading for Limerick – May 1982
184 crossing the River Nore near Thomastown – May 1983
184 at Limerick – May 1988
184 at Tipperary – May 1988
184 at Whitehead – February 2015
184 at Whitehead – July 2018


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