3 BG Guinnness Brewery 0-4-0ST Hudswell Clarke Works No 1152

CompanyGuinness Brewery
Driving Wheels3ft 4ins
Boiler Pressure175psi
CylindersOutside –15in x 22in

This locomotive was built in 1919 by Hudswell Clarke & Co of Leeds as works number 1152 for the Guinness brewery in Dublin. It was the second engine of this type following delivery of the first in 1914.

The Dublin brewery operated an extensive (8 miles) narrow gauge system within the complex at Dublin from 1874 to 1965. The broad gauge locomotives were used on the two miles of track 5ft 3 in track to transfer traffic from the brewery to Kingsbridge (now Heuston) Station for onward transhipment. Originally the engine carried side sheets covering the motion which was not unusual for locomotives that operated in public areas as these lines did. The locomotive was also fitted with a brass bell.

In May 1965 the broad gauge railway closed as a result of a road widening scheme.

This locomotive was presented to the Railway Preservation Society of Ireland (RPSI) in 1965. The older engine was scrapped.

The RPSI removed the sheets which covered the motion in order to make maintenance work on the locomotive easier to undertake.

The locomotive spent a number of years at the RSPI base at Whitehead before being leased to the Downpatrick & Ardglass Railway for the commencement of their steam operations in 1989. It was used there until 1996 when it was taken out of service for an overhaul.

The locomotive returned to Whitehead in December 2001 and shortly after that it was taken into the works for the overhaul to start.

After returning to steam the engine was taken out of service again. It passed a steam test in October 2016 following an overhaul which took three years to complete.

3BG at Whitehead – July 2018
3 Guinness and ex CIE 141 class at Whitehead – May 2019
3 BG at Whitehead – August 2019
3 BG providing train rides at Whitehead – November 2019

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