921 Powesland & Mason 0-4-0ST


Power Classification Unclassified
Introduced 1906
Company Powlesland & Mason
Weight 24t 17cwt
Driving Wheels 3ft 6ins
Boiler Pressure 140 psi
Cylinders 14in  x 20 in
Tractive Effort 11,110 lbf
Valve Gear Stephenson (slide valve)

Powlesland and Mason were a company that provided steam locomotives and crews for shunting within Swansea Docks. The first name sometimes been spelt “Powesland” and it is uncertain which spelling is correct. They utilised a fleet of nine 0-4-0ST locomotives, which had been built between 1874 and 1916, for duties within the docks.

The P&M engines had been built by five different firms of locomotive constructors: Peckett and Sons (4); Brush Electrical (2); Avonside (1); Andrew Barclay (1); and Hawthorn Leslie and Company (1). The locomotive built by Andrew Barclay was the oldest and was a former Raven Class broad guage locomotive constructed for the South Devon Railway Company in 1874 from where it had been sold by the GWR to Powlesland & Mason in 1906.

These locomotives passed into the GWR on Grouping in 1921 and four survived into BR stock. The first was withdrawn in 1927 but two remained at Swansea East Dock until the early 1960s (1961 and 1963)


GWR 921 (GWR 921 & P&M 6)

Brush 921 Snibson Discovery Park Oct 2010.jpg

GWR 921 (P&M no 6) was built in 1906 by Brush and worked at Swansea Harbour until withdrawn in 1928 and sold the following year to a private operator for further service.

In 2018 plans to redevelop the site of the Snibson Discovery Centre included building 140 houses on the site and would result in the locomotive being fenced off away from public access.

Home Base Current Status Owner
Snibston Discovery Park Not on display Privately owned
Brush 921 Snibson Discovery Park Oct 2010.jpg 921 at Snibson Discovery Park – October 2010

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