Stephen Lewin

Stephin Lewin was an architect, artist, civil engineer and an iron-founder, who was a builder of steamboats and steam locomotives.

In 1863, Lewin, who had entered into a partnership with William Wilkinson, a Boston iron founder. They purchased the works of William Pearce, an iron and brass founder in Poole.

The works was to be managed by Wilkinson and became known as Lewin’s Iron Foundry. It appears to have developed rapidly and by about 1866 Lewin moved to Poole from his earlier home in Boston.

In 1884 the Poole Foundry was declared bankrupt.

, partly as the result of a fire in the foundry, Lewin was declared bankrupt.

The firm only built five locomotives between 1874 and 1882, of which only one which was employed at Seaham Harbour was a standard gauge locomotive.


Works No Built Name Type Location
683 1877 No 18   Lewin 0-4-0T Beamish Museum

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