Stephen Lewin Works No 683 No 18 Lewin

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This locomotive was built by Stephen Lewin in 1877 to work at Seaham Harbour where it was employed for 93 years.

In 1936 the locomotive was rebuilt at Seaham Harbour when it was converted from a well tank to a locomotive with side tanks.

The Londonderry Railway was established by the 3rd Marquis of Londonderry in order to provide an outlet from his collieries to the sea in 1831. In 1899/1900 the Marquis sold off his railway, which by then extended from Seaham to Sunderland, to the North Eastern Railway. In 1900 the Seaham Harbour Dock Company Ltd was formed and the locomotive passed into the ownership of this company.

The locomotive was withdrawn from service in 1969 and stored at the harbour for six years before it was taken to Beamish Museum for preservation.

In 1977 it was restored to an as-built appearance by Laings of Hartlepool. It then operated at Beamish Museum for four years before being loaned to a group based at Padiham Power Station.

The locomotive remained on static display at Beamish until a project to restore it began in 2005.

The restoration of the locomotive was completed in 2012 at an estimated cost of £150,000.

Stephen Lewin 683 (in front) at Seaham Harbour – Probably pre 1960s
Lewin 18 at Seaham Harbour May 1964.jpg
No 18 Lewin at Seaham harbour – May 1964
No 18 at Seaham Harbour – circa 1967
Stephen Lewin 683 stands out of use at Seaham Harbour – February 1969
683 at Beamish – 1975
No 18 Lewin at Beamish Museum – April 2015
No 18 Lewin at Beamish Museum – April 2018

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