E Borrows & Sons

Edward Borrows and Sons was founded in 1865 by Edward Borrows who had earlier been a partner in James Cross and Company. It was located at Providence Works, Sutton, near St. Helens, England.

By 1871 the firm was advertising that it could undertake a wide range of activities including locomotive repairs as they had purchased patterns from the Lancashire Engineering and Compression Casting Co for small locomotives.

In 1872, the company began building four railway locomotives by staring the construction of four locomotives.  It specialized in a small 0-4-0WT design which was popular with local businesses.

In 1912 J A Borrows died and the locomotive business was taken over by H  W Johnson and Company. By this time 40 locomotives had been built with the main customers being Pilkington Brothers, United Alkali Company and Brunner Mond & Co

About 20 more locomotives were built by by HW Johnson and Kerr Stuart & Co Ltd to the Borrows designs.

Preserved Locomotives

I have only included standard gauge locomotives which are preserved in Britain.

Works No Built Name Type Location
37 1898 No3. 0-4-0WT The Flour Mill
48 1906 The King 0-4-0WT The Flour Mill
53 1909 Windle No 53 0-4-0WT Ribble Steam Railway

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