Sharp, Stewart & Co

Sharp, Stewart and Company was founded in Manchester in 1843.

In 1852 John Sharp who had been the senior partner retired and was replaced by Charles Patrick Stewart. The company changed its name to Sharp Stewart and Company. Thomas Sharp also retired and was succeeded by Stephen Robinson

In 1857 they produced their 1,000th locomotive.

In July 1858 seven workers were killed at the Atlas Works following an explosion there.

The company provided a number of 0-4-0 tender engines for the Furness Railway of which Number 20, built in 1863 has been restored to working order. Number 25 is being restored.

In 1862, the company began making larger engines, first some 4-6-0 saddle tank engines for the Great Indian Peninsula Railway. By 1865 they were building 0-8-0s, again for India.

In 1884 Sharp, Stewart & Co built nineteen J15 class locomotives. The preserved member of the class (65462) was built at Stratford Works.

In 1888 the company moved to the works of the Clyde Locomotive Company in Springburn, Glasgow which they renamed Atlas works.

In 1889 a number of compounds were built for the Argentine Central Railway in 1889, some 4-4-0 and some 2-8-0.

In 1892 they received an order for seventy-five 4-4-0s and 0-6-0s from the Midland Railway.

In 1894 the company built fifteen 4-6-0 locomotives for the Highland Railway. These became known as the Jones Goods class. One locomotive (HR 103) has been preserved.

In 1895 the company built a Locomotive (Dunrobin) for the 4th Duke of Sutherland.

In 1899 Sharp, Stewart & Co built twenty-five J52 class locomotives (68825-68849). 68846 has been preserved.

In 1900 Sharp, Stewart & C0 built fifteen class C locomotives (31711-31725) for the South East Coast railway. The only member of the class preserved was built at the London, Chatham and Dover Railway Longhedge Works at Battersea.

In 1903, having built over 5000 engines, the company amalgamated with Neilson, Reid and Company and Dübs and Company to form the North British Locomotive Company.

Preserved Locomotives

Works No








Furness Railway No 20    BHSC No. 7    


Ribble Steam Railway



Furness Railway No 25    BHSC No. 17    


West Coast Railways





Severn Valley Railway

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