42073 was built at Brighton and entered service in 1950 and spent its first three months working from Stewarts Lane depot before moving to Ashford in 1951. Later in 1951 it moved to Dover Marine before returning to Ashford the following year. In December 1954 it was transferred to the North Eastern Region and based at Gateshead. In 1955 42073 was involved in a collision on the diamond crossing at the approach to Newcastle Central Station when it collided with V2 60968 which fell on its side.

In 1957 42073 worked from Bradford Hammerton Street and Sowerby Bridge and a year later from York  and Leeds Neville Hill. It moved on again in 1959 to Low Moor and Wakefield before moving on again to Copeley Hill where it stayed for four years. By 1965 it was back at Low Moor, having spent a few months at Ardsley, before transferring to Normanton in 1967 from where it was withdrawn from service later that year.

Later in 1967 42073 was purchased by the Lakeside Railway Estates Company and stored at Carnforth.

The plan at this stage was to operate the branch line from Ulverston to Lakeside which was closed in 1965. This was not to be as BR refused the line to run into Ulverston (the plans were to run into a new station rather than the BR station) and the development of the A590 road severed the line just west of Haverthwaite.

In 1970 the Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway Company was formed and the locomotives which had previously been bought were moved to Haverthaite from Carnforth. The first train ran in 1973 hauled by 42073 and class mate 42085.

After its last overhaul 42073 was returned to steam in 2014 and is currently operation on the Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway.

Home Base Current Status Owner
Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway Operational Lakeside Railway Estates Company


42073 at Low Moor-1966.jpg 42073 on Low Moor shed-1966
42073 in store at Carnforth - June 1968.jpg 42073 in store at Carnforth – June 1968
42073 at Carnforth-1969.jpg 42073 at Steamtown Carnforth-1969. This is now the base for West Coast Railways
42073 on the Lakeside & Haverthwaite Railway - July 1989.jpg 42073 on the Lakeside & Haverthwaite Railway – July 1989
42073 at Haverthwaite-2009.jpg 42073 at Haverthwaite on the Lakeside Railway-2009
42073 at Haverthwaite-2011.jpg 42073 at Haverthwaite on the Lakeside Railway-201

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