62005 was built by the North British Locomotive Co Ltd and entered service in June 1949.

Motive power depot allocations.

Date Arrived Depot
June 1949 Darlington
September 1949 Heaton
July 1952 Darlington
June 1959 Ardsley
September 1959 York
March 1966 North Blyth
May 1967 Tyne Dock
September 1967 Sunderland

62005 was the last of the class in service and remained in service until December 1967 when it was withdrawn after which it served as an emergency boiler at the ICI North Tees Port Clarence works in early 1968 for six weeks.

In May 1969 it was acquired by a consortium of Viscount Garnock, Geoff Drury, Brian Hollingsworth and George Nissen as a source of a spare boiler for the preserved K4 (61994 The Great Marquess).

After being used as a stationary boiler it was moved to Leeds Neville Hill depot and stored for a number of years. 61994 was also stored there.

The boiler was not needed for the K4 so 62005 was donated to the infant but ambitious North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group (NELPQ) in 1972 and was delivered to BR’s Thornaby Depot in June of that year.

The engine was overhauled at Thornaby Depot by NELPG volunteers over a two year period and in accordance with the wishes of the donating group, was painted in a fully lined out LNER green livery. The restored locomotive was moved to the North Yorkshire Moors Railway in May 1974 and went into traffic the following month.

In 1975 it made its first mainline runs in preservation between Whitby and Battersby before going to Shildon to join the S&D 150 celebrations. It made further excursions onto the mainline in the period 1977-79.

Over the winter of 1980/81 the K1 was fitted with new tyres at BSC Rotherham. A visit to the KWVR and further mainline trips preceded a major overhaul in 1985 in ICI Wilton Works No 5 Depot involving the Manpower Services Commission scheme. 62005 was quickly back at work and by the end of 1986 it had covered 5,500 miles on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway (NYMR) and 1,067 miles on the main line since the overhaul.

In June 1987 it began its long association with the West Highland line from Fort William to Mallaig. It returned in 1988 and it hauled some Santa specials around the Edinburgh suburban circuit. The 1987/88 winter maintenance included a full re-tube at Wilton. The 1989 season, apart from a trip to Saltburn, was spent on the NYMR then back to Fort William 1990.

Since then it has tended to be based on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway and has regularly performed on the West Highland Railway in the summer.

In 2003 whilst at the KWVR for a short stay 62005 was fitted with the, by then, mandatory Train Protection and Warning System.

Between November 2016 and April 2017 62005 underwent some maintenance and repair work at Carnforth before undergoing successful load testing in April.

The locomotive operated on the West Highland line again in the summer of 2017.

In April 2018 the locomotive was taken to Carnforth by road.

Home Base Current Status Owner
North Yorkshire Moors Railway when not on main line duties


Undergoing work at Carnforth North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group
62005 at Bury 2013.jpg 62005 at Bury on the East Lancashire Railway-2013
61994 62005 Heywood 2013.jpg 62005 with 61994 The Great Marquess at Heywood on the East Lancashire Railway-2013
61994 62005 Heywood 2013a.jpg 62005 with 61994 The Great Marquess at Heywood on the East Lancashire Railway-2013
62005 Irwell vale 2013.jpg 62005 at Irwell Vale on the East Lancashire Railway-2013

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