90733 (WD 9257, WD 79257,  NS 4464 & SJ 1931)


None of this large BR class have been preserved, but one engine which worked overseas has been preserved in this country.

WD 9257 was built by the Vulcan Foundry at Newton le Willows in 1945 and was shipped to the continent on completion to aid troop and supplies movement across Europe. It was renumbered WD 79257 before going to mainland Europe.

After the Second Word War it was one of 184 locomotives of the class that worked on the Dutch State Railway – Nederlandse Spoorwegen.  It became Dutch State Railway 4300 class number 4464.

In 1953 it was sold to the Swedish State Railway (Statens Jarnvagar – SJ) along with one other engine and re-classed as G11 and renumbered 1931. It entered service in Sweden in 1954 but was withdrawn in October 1956.Some minor restoration took place before the locomotive was placed in an isolated forest clearing in northern Sweden where it was stored undercover as part of a strategic reserve until the end of 1972. It was never used again in Sweden.

In 1972 it was purchased and brought back to Britain in January 1973 and based on the Keighley Worth Valley Railway (KWVR). At this stage it was not in the state it was originally built in as it had been modified-

Its tender was shortened to six wheels from eight

The cab was fully enclosed for as for use north of the Arctic Circle

Fitting of standard SJ boiler fittings and steam heating equipment

Modifications were made to the cab to make it fit within the loading guage for the Worth Valley Railway. The locomotive was steamed again and operated until 1976 when it was withdrawn because of its general run down condition.

During 1993 a heavy repair was of the locomotive was started with the intention of returning it back to its original state. This was after the discovery and purchase of an eight-wheel tender chassis in found in a steelworks in the Netherlands. The restoration was completed in 2007 and as 90733 it hauled its first passenger train in July 2007.

The locomotive was granted a six-month extension to its boiler certificate, subject to no problems being found at its last 14-monthly examination in the autumn of 2017. Late in 2017 90733 was taken out of service with boiler problems which will be dealt with as part of its 10 year overhaul.

The overhaul commenced in 2018.

Home Base Current Status Owner
Keighley & Worth Valley Railway Under overhaul Keighley & Worth Valley Railway
90733 before being rebuilt as 90733 at Haworth on the KWVR - August 1983.jpg 90733 before being rebuilt as 90733 at Haworth on the KWVR – August 1983
90733 Keighley 2010.jpg 90733 at Keighley on the Keighley Worth Valley Railway-2010
90733 Bewdley 2015.jpg 90733 at Bewdley on the Severn Valley Railway-2015
90733 & 58926 Haworth 2015.jpg 90733 with 58926 on the shed at Haworth on the Keighley Worth Valley Railway-2015
90733 & 5820 Keighley 2015.jpg 90733 with USATC 5820 at Keighley on the Keighley Worth Valley Railway-2015
90733 Haworth 2016.jpg 90733 inside the shed at Haworth on the Keighley Worth Valley Railway-2016


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