Andrew Barclay Works No 1680   Nora No 5 0-4-0ST

This locomotive was built by Andrew Barclay in 1920 for the Blaenavon Co. Ltd’s Big.

The pit was sunk in 1860 and acquired the name of Big Pit from the dimensions of the shaft which was elliptical in shape with diameters of 18 and 13 feet.

By 1918 956 men were employed there and this number rose to 1,399 by 1923. When the colliery was nationalised in 1947 it employed 789 people and this fell to 494 by 1970. The winding of coal at Big Pit ceased in 1973 when a new drift was sunk which enabled coal to be brought to the surface near to the washery. The colliery ceased production in 1980.

The locomotive is now on static display at the Big Pit Mining Museum at Blaenavon.

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