Hudswell Clarke    Works No 1026   No 31 0-6-0ST

Hudswell Clarke 1026.jpg

This locomotive was built by Hudswell Clarke in 1913 for Sir Robert McAlpine & Sons.

It was based at the Hayes Depot which was a 30-acre site which housed the McAlpine railway locomotive and wagon fleet.

When no longer required the locomotive was put up for sale with a price tag of £100. It was then purchased by Sir William McAlpine and moved to his private garden railway – Fawley Hill Railway, a private railway which now runs to over a mile long, combining the steepest gradient at 1:13 on a British railway.

The locomotive was used March 2018 to convey the coffin of Sir William McAlpine to his final resting place on the estate.

It is currently operational.

Hudswell Clarke 1026 climbing the 1 in 14 gradient at Fawley Hill near Henly – May 2014
Hudswell Clarke 1026.jpg
1026 on the Fawley Hill Garden Railway – July 2018

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