Hudswell Clarke    Works No 1631   No 65 0-6-0ST/0-6-0T

hc1631 at Pitsford Quarry - June 1966.jpg

This locomotive was built as a 0-6-0ST by Hudswell Clarke in 1929 for Stewart and Lloyds where it carried the number 65.

Stewart and Lloyds was formed in 1903 when A and J Stewart and Menzies merged with Lloyd and Lloyd. The works at Coombs Wood at Halesowen occupied an area of forty acres and employed 2,000 of the 8,000 workforce. In 1932 The company moved to Corby which enabling them to make use of the local iron ore to feed their blast furnaces and Bessemer steel converters.

The company became part of the Iron and Steel Corporation of Great Britain in 1951 when the industry was nationalised.

The locomotive was overhauled at Pitsford on the Northampton and Lamport Railway at Pitsford in the mid 1960’s after which it went to work at Midland quarry at Crosby.

In 1994 the locomotive was rebuilt with side tanks and was running on the Derwent Valley Light Railway (DVLR) near York.

Subsequently the locomotive was moved to Peak Rail where it is currently undergoing an overhaul.

In the summer of 2020 the locomotive was reported to undergoing an overhaul at Tyseley.

The locomotive was reported in November 2020 to be up for sale and was believed to be at Tyseley.

hc1631 at Pitsford Quarry - June 1966.jpg
1631 at Pitsford Quarry – June 1966
1631 in Doncaster shed workshop – Circa 1970

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