Hunslet   Works No 1982       Ring Haw 0-6-0ST

Hunslet 1982 North Norfolk Railweay April 2010.jpg

Built 1940  North Norfolk Railway

This locomotive was built by the Hunslet Engine Company in1940 to work at the Nassington Ironstone Quarries near Peterborough which were opened that year. The locomotive was used for hauling iron ore tipplers out of the quarries, usually three to four at a time to the dispatch sidings to make up longer trains ready to be picked up to be taken away on the mainline. Here it worked with another preserved Hunslet locomotive (Works No 1953 Jacks Green).

Both of these locomotives worked at the quarry until 1970 when it closed and were therefore the last steam locomotives to work in ironstone quarries in England.

Ring Haw moved to the North Norfolk Railway (NNR) in 1970.

The locomotive was returned to steam after an overhaul in September 2014.

It has spent time away from the NNR including a long term loan period in 2017 on the Spa Valley Railway.

In April 2020 it was announced that the Midland and Great Northern Joint Railway Society (M&GNJRS) had purchased the locomotive from the NNR. This move provided the NNR with funds during a period of difficulty due to the railway being closed because of the Covid-19 outbreak. The locomotive will remain on the NNR where it will have its next overhaul which will provide further income for the NNR.

1982 at Weybourne on the North Norfolk Railway – May 1980
Hunslet 1982 North Norfolk Railweay April 2010.jpg
1982 on the North Norfolk Railway – 2010
1982 Ring Haw at Weybourne on the North Norfolk Railway – May 2014
1982 arriving at Yarwell Junction on the Nene Valley Railway – February 2015
1982 at Wansford on the Nene Valley Railway – July 2015
1982 at Pitsford on the Northampton and Lamport Railway – August 2016
Hunslet 1982 Ring Haw on right and Hunslet 1589 Newstead on the left at the Spa Valley Railway – 2019
1982 at Eridge on the Spa Valley Railway – December 2019

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