Manning Wardle    Works No 2025   Winston Churchill 0-6-0ST

Winston Churchill.jpg

This class L locomotive was built in 1923 by Manning and Wardle & Co and supplied new to Cadbury Cake Division of Blackpole in Worcestershire where it was given the number 7.

In 1946 it was sold to Robert Stevenson & Hawthorn who acted as agents to sell it to Guy Pitt & Son of Dudley in 1946, to work on the Pensnett Mineral Railway.

Pensnett Railway was developed from a single 3 mile line opened in 1829 to, at its maximum extent, a 40 miles long network around the Earl of Dudley’s Iron Works at Round Oak near Brierley Hill. The railway ran from the Staffs & Worcester canal at Ashwood, to serve a number of Collieries and factories in that area.

The locomotive was donated to the Black Country Museum in the 1970′s and spent many years on static display in Pensnett Trading Estate, near to where it used to work.

It was then moved in 2012 to the Black Country Museum in Dudley where it sits in the open outside their main entrance.

Manning Wardle 2025  at Black Country Museum, Dudley August 1976.jpg
2025 at Black Country Museum, Dudley August 1976
2025 Winston Churchill at the Black Country Museum – March 2013

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