Neilson & Co      Works No 6087   No 25 0-4-0ST

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This locomotive was built in 1896 by Neilson & Co to work at the Beckton Works of North Thames Gas Board in East London. Beckton Gas Works which manufactured gas for most of London north of the Thames and was said to be the largest gas plant in the world.

It had latterly been used in the Retort House at the Beckton works of the North Thames Gas Board.

Because of the low head room in the retort houses locomotives were limited to 8ft in height.

After it finished working at Beckton it was acquired by the Industrial Locomotive Society and moved to the Bluebell Railway in October 1961. It was housed on the Bluebell Railway until August 1967 when the owners presented it to the Bressingham Steam Museum where it is now on static display.

6087 at Beckton Gas Works – October 1957
6087 at Bressingham Steam Museum – May 2014
6087 at Bressingham Steam Museum – September 2017

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