Peckett & Sons     Works No 1970    Jackie Milburn 1924-1988 0-6-0ST

Peckett 1970 Stephenson Railway July 2010.jpg

This locomotive was built by Peckett & Sons in 1939 and supplied to Ashington Coal Company in Northumberland as one of two standard locomotives. It then carried the number 5.

Ashington Coal Company operated one of Britain’s most extensive colliery railway systems.

The coal industry was nationalised in January 1947 and the locomotive passed into National Coal Board (NCB) ownership.

In 1969 the locomotive was sold by the National Coal Board to the North Norfolk Railway when the system was converted to diesel.

The locomotive returned to Northumberland in 1991 when it was bought by the Stephenson Railway Museum. It was repainted into the “as delivered to Ashington Colliery” livery and additionally named in honour of Jackie Milburn (1924-1988), a local football hero who was born in Ashington and played for Newcastle.

It was taken out of service in December 1996 and after a four-year restoration project it was returned to working order in October 2010.

The locomotive was taken out of service again at the end of 2018 and its mechanical overhaul started in April 2019.

Peckett 1970 at ashington Colliery - March 1967.jpg

1970 at Ashington Colliery – March 1967
1970 at Weybourne on the North Norfolk Railway – September 1973
1970 at Sheringham on the North Norfolk Railway – Circa 1981
1970 at first Percy Main end station of the North Tynside Steam Railway – April 1993
1970 at the Stephenson Museum site Middle Engine Lane at West Chirton – Early 1990s
Peckett 1970 Stephenson Railway July 2010.jpg
1970 at Stephenson Railway Museum – July 2010
1970 on a visit to Woodhorn Colliery Museum, the last remaining mine of the Ashington Coal Co – June 2011
1970 at Percy Main at the Stephenson Railway Museum – July 2013
P 1970 in the Stephenson Railway Museum - April 2014.jpg
1970 in the Stephenson Railway Museum – April 2014

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