W24 (LSWR 209, SR E209, IoW W24)

W24 Haven Street Isle of Wight Railway SEptember 2010.jpg

209 was built by the LSWR in 1891 at Nine Elms locomotive works. It was based at Fratton before moving on to Exeter. It passed into Southern Railway ownership in 1923.

The locomotive was transferred to the Isle of Wight in 1925 as the island’s locomotive stock needed major modernisation, it was re-numbered W24 and given the name Calbourne, after a village on the island. The locomotive was fitted with Westinghouse air brake equipment to allow it to haul island passenger carriages, and had an extension fitted to its coal bunker to increase its range of operation.

Calbourne remained on the island under British Railway ownership, and was retained after steam services ended, with W31 Chale, as a works engine for the Ryde to Shanklin line electrification, until withdrawal in March 1967 when electrification of the line was complete.

In 1967 the Wight Locomotive Society acquired Calbourne from British Railways. The Wight Locomotive Society moved its headquarters to Havenstreet in 1971 and became the Isle of Wight Steam Railway.

It spent its early years in Southern Railway Malachite Green with Sunshine lettering. After an overhaul in 1992 it was repainted in Southern Railway Maunsell lined Olive Green with an unmodified coal bunker. Calbourne was withdrawn in 2002 for overhaul re-emerging

Calbourne was withdrawn from service for overhaul in 2002. The extensive repairs were supported by a Heritage Lottery Fund grant and included a major boiler and firebox overhaul, a new smokebox, refitting the bunker extension and a repaint in early British Railways lined black livery. The overhaul was completed in 2010 in BR Standard Mixed-Traffic Black livery with red and white lining and the larger bunker re-fitted.

Calbourne was in service throughout the 2014 season with no significant engineering problems.

A number of issues were identified with the locomotive when it underwent winter maintenance at the end of 2016.

The locomotive underwent successful steam trials in March 2018 following an extensive bottom-end overhaul.

The boiler certificate is valid until 2020.

Home Base Current Status Owner
Isle of Wight Steam Railway Operational Wight Locomotive Society
W24 Haven Street Isle of Wight Railway SEptember 2010.jpg W24 at Haven Street on the Isle of Wight Steam Railway – September 2010

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