1439  0-4-0ST  L&NWR 4ft Shunter



Power Classification
Introduced 1865
Designer John Ramsbottom
Company London & North Western Railway
Weight 22t 15cwt
Driving Wheels 4ft 0ins
Boiler Pressure 120psi
Cylinders Inside – 14in x 20in
Tractive Effort lbf
Valve Gear

The London and North Western Railway (LNWR) 4ft Shunter was a class of 0-4-0ST steam locomotives. Introduced in 1863 by Ramsbottom, 26 were built in 1863–1865, 10 in 1870, 10 in 1872, and 10 in 1892. The last three of the latter batch were soon rebuilt as 0-4-2ST crane tanks. They survived into LMS ownership in 1923 and the last one was withdrawn in 1933.

1439 was designed by John Ramsbottom and built at Crewe in 1865. It was sold in 1919 to Kynoch Ltd, Witton, Birmingham who subsequently became part of Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI). One report suggests that the price for the locomotive was £1,400.

It is believed to be the last locomotive built under whilst Ramsbottom was in charge. A peculiarity of the design is the cylindrical firebox. This unusual design reduced the cost and time to replace the firebox and was most frequently used on small shunters and industrial locomotives, although it also appeared on a number of Worsdell 0-8-0s for the L&YR in 1903.

In 1954 it was presented to the British Transport Commission for preservation.

It was later placed in the Staffordshire County Council Museum.

In 1983 it visited the Severn Valley Railway.

Currently it is on loan as part of the National Collection to the Ribble Steam Railway


Home Base Current Status Owner
On loan to Ribble Steam Railway Static display National Railway Museum NRM Object Number{1978-7015}
1439.jpg 1439 at the Ribble Steam Railway-2012

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