1500 BR Hawksworth 1500-1509 0-6-0PT



Power Classification 4F
Introduced 1949
Designer Hawksworth
Company BR (GWR design)
Weight 58t 4cwt
Driving Wheels 4ft 7.5ins
Boiler Pressure 200psi
Cylinders Outside – 17.5in x 24in
Tractive Effort 22,515lbf
Valve Gear Walschaert (piston valve)


The 1500 class did not appear until after nationalisation and was a short wheelbase heavy shunting design. The 10 locomotives built were different from all other tank designs on the GWR. Above the running plate level they were similar to the 9400 class but the 1500 class had no running plate and had outside cylinders with Walschaert valve gear. In addition, most of the separate parts were welded instead of riveted together. All ten were built by the Western Region of British Railways in 1949. The pannier tanks did not flank the sides of the smokebox as on most other pannier tanks except the 9400 and 9700 classes.

 9400 9400 class
 1500 1500 class

With a wheelbase of 12 feet 10 inches, curves of 3½ chains (115 feet) could be easily negotiated. Most of their work was shunting carriages to and from Old Oak Common yard as the majority were stationed there at sometime in their lives (the exceptions were 1508 and 1509), otherwise they worked in the Newport area. The preserved example of the class, 1501, spent most of its life at Southall.

The first of the class to be withdrawn was 1509 from Newport Ebbw Junction shed in August 1959. The final withdrawals were made in December 1963 when 1500, 1503, 1506 and 1507 were condemned from Old Oak Common.

After withdrawal, three locos 1501, 1502 and 1509 were sold to the National Coal Board for use at Coventry Colliery. The three locos were sent to Andrew Barclay Sons & Co, in Kilmarnock, Scotland for overhaul before delivery to the NCB.


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