Hudswell Clarke Works Number 1704 Nunlow 0-6-0T



Power Classification
Introduced 1938
Designer Hudswell, Clarke & Co Ltd
Company G&T Earle – Cement Manufacturers
Weight t cwt
Driving Wheels 3ft 9in
Boiler Pressure psi
Cylinders Outside – in x in
Tractive Effort 20,800lbf
Valve Gear

Nunlow was built in 1938 by Hudswell, Clarke & Co Ltd of Leeds as one of their standard 0-6-0 tank engines for G&T Earle, Cement Manufacturers. It cost £2,860 as new.

It worked over their two mile branch line from the exchange sidings with the LMS on the Manchester-Sheffield line into the works at Hope in Derbyshire.

1704 acquired the name Nunlow after Nun Low which is one of the hills in the Hope Valley that was excavated to became Pindale Quarry.

In 1955 the locomotive was fitted with a new steel firebox but this wa replaced in 1960 with a new copper firebox during a major overhaul.

Nunlow was placed in store in 1964 when it was replaced by diesel power.

In 1968 Associated Portland Cement (of which G&T Earles was by then part of) put Nunlow up for sale. The Bahamas Locomotive Society paid £500 for the locomotive in January 1969 and it was moved to the recently opened Dinting Railway Centre near Glossop.

It was steamed at Dinting in April 1969, just two weeks after arriving,  at the Bahamas Locomotive Society first Easter Steam Weekend.

In the following winter it received some mechanical attention and was repainted in a livery typical of the Great Central Railway.

Following the closure of the Dinting Railway Centre Nunlow went to the Swanage Railway in 1990 for a period where it was fitted with vacuum brakes before moving to its permanent home on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway.

Following the completion of the Bahamas Locomotive Society museum at Ingrow in May 2003 Nunlow was moved there as one of the major exhibits. The museum is the old Midland goods shed.

Following an overhaul Nunlow took part in the 40th. anniversary event to celebrate the opening of the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway in June 2008.

Nunlow has made two visits back to Hope (now operated by Lafarge Cement UK) – once in 2005 and once in 2008 when it was in steam.

The boiler certificate expired in April 2018.

Home Base Current Status Owner
Bahamas Locomotive Society museum at Ingrow on the KWVR Awaiting overhaul Bahamas Locomotive Society


Nunlow 2010.jpg 1704 Nunlow at Haworth on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway – 2010
Nunlow 2012.jpg 1704 Nunlow at Keighley on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway – 2012
Nunlow2012 a.jpg 1704 Nunlow at Keighley on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway – 2012
Nunlow banking 2014.jpg 1704 Nunlow providing banking assistance at Keighley on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway – 2014

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