2013 Prince George V

2013 Prince George V

In 1949, the last remaining twentieth century London & North Western Railway express engines were lined up at Crewe for preservation –  a Precursor, a Prince of Wales and a Claughton class. However, despite being set aside these glorious machines all met the cutter’s torch and were lost for all time.

There are no preserved representatives of express engines from the LNWR in the 20th century.

The LNWR George the Fifth Locomotive Trust has been established to seek to create a unique representative of 20th century express locomotive. The Trust is base at Tyseley.

The aim is to create a new build LNWR George the Fifth for use on heritage railways and mainlines. An engine of this size and power was considered to be ideal for the permanent way and the requirements of most heritage lines yet powerful enough for mainline excursions, and as the sole representative of a 20th century LNWR express locomotive, would present a fascinating and potentially popular locomotive.

Construction of the boiler for the locomotive is planned to start at the end of 2017 if sufficient funds can be raised.

It is planned that the locomotive will have two chimneys. One will be within the current Network R ail loading gauge in order to allow the locomotive to operate on the main line. The other will be to the original design.

The original motion and valve gear design is being refined using computer aided design software. The aim is reduce the weight and lessen the hammer blow on the tracks from the reciprocating forces of the joy valve gear.

It is understood that the team building the locomotive hope to have it in steam in 2023 but this looks to be ambitious considering the progress made to date.

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