2F  58850 – 58863  0-6-0T  North London Railway Park



Power Classification 2F
Introduced 1880 – 1905
Designer Park
Company North London Railway
Weight 45t 10cwt
Driving Wheels 4ft 4ins
Boiler Pressure 160psi
Cylinders Outside – 17in x 24in
Tractive Effort 18,140lbf
Valve Gear Stephenson (slide valves)


Thirty of these engines were built for the North London Railway (NLR) by Park in 1880-1905 and identified as the NLR class 75. They were rugged tank engines which provided the motive power for all the NLR freight workings.

This powerful goods locomotive was designed with a short wheelbase to allow it to perform shunting in the docks served by the NLR (principally Poplar Dock and the West India Docks) and for hauling the goods traffic emanating from them to warehouses along the NLR’s 14-mile main line, plus transfer work to and from other companies’ yards.

Nine engines were taken over by the LNWR in 1909 when the NLR became part of the LNWR. They were joined by the remainder when taken over by the LMS in 1923. They were numbered 7503-7532 by the LMS. The first of the class was withdrawn in 1930, and the survivors in 1934 were renumbered by the addition of 2000 to their numbers.

Fifteen engines were taken into BR stock in 1948, of which 27525 was withdrawn in March 1948 without being allocated a new number.

Several engines were transferred from the North London Section to the Cromford and High Peak line in the Peak District in 1931 to replace J94 Austerity 0-6-0st engines. The last working engine (58850) was withdrawn from the Cromford and High Peak line in September 1960.

 j94 J94 – British Austerity Saddle Tank
 75 North London Railway class 75


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