30926 Repton (SR E926, SR 926 & BR 30926)

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30926, Repton, is owned by the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. It was completed at Eastleigh in May 1934 and entered service on the Bournemouth route, with some time operating between Waterloo and Portsmouth before that line was electrified.

BR motive power depot allocations since 1948.

Date ArrivedDepot
January 1948Dover Marine
October 1949Ramsgate
June 1950Dover Marine
April 1951Bricklayers Arms
January 1961Stewarts Lane
May 1961Bricklayers Arms
October 1961Stewarts Lane
December 1961Basingstoke

It was one of the last of the class to be overhauled by British Railways in 1960, so was considered a good choice for preservation. In December 1962 the engine was withdrawn from service. Repton was then stored at Fratton shed near Portsmouth before moving to Eastleigh Works towards the end of 1964 for storage and restoration.

In 1966 it was purchased and overhauled at Eastleigh, with the restoration being completed in 1967, before moving to the USA. It was donated by the purchaser to Steamtown USA in Vermont, USA. Steamtown loaned the engine to the Cape Breton Steam Railway in Canada, where it operated a regular passenger service. In 1979 the locomotive returned to United States. In 1989 it was sold again, and returned to the UK to the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, where it was again overhauled and found to be in good condition and it steamed again in 1990.

Clifford Brown who owned Repton donated it to the NYMR in his will.

By December 2016 the overhaul was progressing well and it was hoped that by April 2017 the locomotive would be operational on the NYMR. It will carry the original Southern Railway olive green livery for the first time in preservation on this side of the Atlantic.

The tender has been be equipped with a GSM-R radio to enable 30926 to run on the Network Rail section to Whitby and Battersby. There are no plans to enable it to run on other Network Rail tracks.

In June 2017 Repton passed its steam test prior to re-fitting the boiler to the frames. Following placing the boiler back in place the locomotive was run in for about 100 miles. After this it was washed out in readiness for entering revenue earning traffic in August 2017.

In April 2021 it was reported that the locomotive had been fitted with a Lemaître blastpipe and chimney. Following the successful fitting of Lemaître multiple jet blastpipes on the Lord Nelson class locomotives twenty Schools class locomotives were fitted with them. No discernible improvements to draughting was experienced with the Schools class engines.

The North Yorkshire Moors Railway (NYMR) has made the change to 30926 Repton because of the fear of the impact of burning poorer quality coal in future and the signs of wear with the single blastpipe and chimney found during winter maintenance. The NYMR have said that they will trial the new blastpipe and chimney over a season or two. If the trial proves successful other locomotives might be similarly treated or if there is found to be no benefit Repton will revert to having a single chimney as previously.  

The locomotive was returned to steam again in August 2022 following the replacement of the superheater and elements and major bottom end work.

Home BaseCurrent StatusOwner
North Yorkshire Moors RailwayOperationalYorkshire Moors Railway
30926 Repton on Royal train duties heading to London at East Croydon – unknown date
30926 Repton at Kingswood with the Royal Train heading for Tattenham Corner – June 1962
30926 Repton leaving Tattenham Corner with the empty Royal Train – June 1962
30926 Repton at Eastleigh shed – August 1962
30926 Repton in Fratton roundhouse – September 1963
30926 Repton in store at Eastleigh probably in 1964 or 1965
30926 Repton in store at Eastleigh – March 1966
30926 Repton at Eastleigh – early 1966
0926 Repton at Loughborough on the Great Central Railway – November 1981
30926 Repton on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway – October 1990
30926 Repton on the Great Central Railway – November 1991
30926 Repton on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway – May 2003
30926 Repton at Wansford on the Nene Valley Rilway – September 2008
30926 Repton on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway – July 2010
30926 Repton at Grosmont on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway – May 2013
30926 Repton passing 34053 Sir Keith Park at Bewdley on the Severn Valley Railway – September 2017
30926 Repton at Bewdley on the Severn Valley Railway – September 2017
30926 Repton at Ramsbottom on the East Lancs Railway – October 2019

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