33001 (SR C1 & BR 33001)

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33001 was built at Brighton 1n 1942 and spent most of its working life based at Guildford. It left there in May 1958 when it was transferred to Tonbridge. In February 1961 it moved on to Feltham before returning to Guildford in September 1963. It was withdrawn from service at Guildford in May 1964 having covered 459,057 miles whilst in service.

The first member of the class, number C1, has been preserved by the National Railway Museum in York where it is on static display. Before its return to York in 2004, the locomotive worked on the Bluebell Railway in East Sussex where it was based from 1977 having had its last major overhaul in 1992.

When it returned to York in 2004 it was apparent that there wasn’t a slot in the forseeable future for the Q1 to be overhauled in the Bluebell’s workshop, and there was also a shortage of undercover storage space. Thus when the NRM asked if the Bluebell would be prepared to let the loco return to York for display after Railfest at York, the Bluebell Railway readily agreed. The NRM wished to have the locomotive in York for two reasons, since it has very few locomotives relating to the Second World War and even fewer of the 0-6-0 wheel arrangement.

Following the opening of the Locomotion, The National Railway Museum at Shildon in 2004 and the moving of locomotives there from York space was found at York to but 33001 on static display.


Home Base Current Status Owner
National Railway Museum – York Static display National Railway Museum NRM Object Number{1978-7041}
33001 at York a-2013.jpg 33001 in the National Railway Museum at York-2013
33001 at York-2013.jpg 33001 in the National Railway Museum at York-2013

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