Built in 1942 and now owned by Dinmore Manor Locomotive Ltd. It is stored, unrestored, at a private restoration site in the West Midlands.

3845 was withdrawn from service in June 1964 and sent to Woodham Brothers for scrap and remained there for very many years.

BR motive power depot allocations since 1948.

Date Arrived Depot
January 1948 Reading
September 1952 Southall
May 1953 Didcot
May 1955 Oxley
January 1957 Cardiff Canton
October 1961 Severn Tunnel Junction
September 1962 Aberdare
October 1962 Banbury

The boiler from 3845 is being used on 3850.

Home Base Current Status Owner
Private site Still in scrapyard condition Dinmore Manor Locomotive Ltd

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