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4150 was built at Swindon Works in 1947 at a cost of £7,400 and entered service at Stourbridge Junction shed to join other members of the 5101 class for use on passenger services around the Midland. From Stourbridge it is known to have worked on the what is now the Severn Valley Railway.

In November 1948 4150 was running round its train at Lapworth when it was hit by 5022 Wigmore Castle which had passed a signal set at danger whilst hauling a Paddington to Birkenhead train. 4150 had to have its entire front end rebuilt and new cylinders fitted at Swindon. This is thought to be why the front buffer beam has the number 9006 (9006 was a Dukedog class 4-4-0 withdrawn in August 1948) stamped on it. There is also the number 2276 (2276 was a Collett 0-6-0) visible.

From 1953 to 1962 it was allocated to various shed in the West Country, at Weymouth, Taunton, Exeter and Newton Abbott, where it was used on passenger, freight and banking duties on the Devon Banks, particularly Dainton. Following a period of nine months in store 4150 was moved to Severn Tunnel Junction in 1962 after a brief stop at Westbury.

The locomotive had its last overhaul under BR ownership at Swindon Works in November 1963.

Whilst at Severn Tunnel it was used on local passenger trains and piloting and banking duties through the tunnel until being withdrawn in June 1965. 4150 was then sold for scrap to Woodham Brothers of Barry along with several other members of the 5101 class from Severn Tunnel (4110, 4115, 4121, 4144, 4156, and 4160). A number of these have also been preserved.

In 1972 a small group of enthusiasts investigated the possibility of purchasing a GWR 2-6-2T from Barry and surveyed all of the five remaining 4100s. 4150 was chosen as the most complete and in the best condition (it had been overhauled at Swindon in 1963 just 19 months before being withdrawn from service) and a price of £2,750 was agreed. This led to the formation of the 4150 Fund being set up in 1973 and later that year the locomotive was purchased. It was towed from Woodham Brothers, along with 7812 Erlstoke Manor, to the Dean Forest Railway at Parkend by a BR diesel. Due to site difficulties no restoration was possible so that in 1977 it was proposed to move 4150 to a new home and the Severn Valley Railway were approached. In early 1978 4150 was moved by road to Bewdley.

After a further period of storage the engine was dismantled and the task of restoration begun but unfortunately by the mid1980s fund raising and restoration progress slowed considerably.

In 2007 steps were taken to make a new start on restoration and a new committee was formed to drive the project forward.

Restoration progressing at Bewdley on the Severn Valley Railway. By the summer of 2016 much of the work has been completed. In March 2017 4150 was moved to Bridgnorth to be completed.

At the end of October 2018 the boiler from the locomotive was taken into the workshops at Bridgenorth where work on removing the old stays started straight away.

In December 2019 the SVE reported that they anticipated that the rolling chassis would be moved from Bewdley, where it was being restored, to Bridgnorth in April or May of 2020. This will enable the boiler to be fitted back onto the frames and finally assembly work to be undertaken.  

The rolling chassis was still at Bewdley at the end of 2020 but it was anticipated that it would be moved to Bridgnorth soon. It is hoped that the hydraulic testing of the boiler can be completed before the end of 2021 and that the locomotive could enter service in early 2022.

Home BaseCurrent StatusOwner
Severn Valley RailwayUnder restoration4150 Fund
4150 at Exeter St Davids – Probably prior to moving to Severn Tunnel Junction in August 1962
4150 on Newton Abbot shed – March 1960
4150 on Severn Tunnel Junction shed – Circa 1961 Photograph by Mike Macleur
4150 and 7812 Erlestoke Manor at Newport hauled by diesel 25165. The train was en route to the Dean Forest Railway from Woodhams scrapyard at Barry – May 1974 Supplied by Ray Viney
4150 under restoration at Bewdley on the Severn Valley Railway – March 2015
The boiler for 4150 at Bewdley on the Severn Valley Railway – September 2017

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