46428 was built at Crewe in December 1948.

BR motive power depot allocations.

Date Arrived Depot
January 1948 Preston
July 1949 Wigan Lower Ince
September 1950 Preston
March 1951 Wigan Springs Branch
May 1954 Rhyl
September 1954 Wigan Springs Branch
February 1962 Bescot
March 1962 Bushbury
October 1964 Leamington Spa
June 1965 Tyseley
October 1966 Crewe South

It was withdrawn from service at Crewe South in November 1966 and it was stored at Oxley until it departed for Woodham’s scrap yard at Barry where it arrived in September 1967.

In October 1979 the locomotive was purchased by the Strathspey Railway, with the intention of using the boiler as a replacement for the boiler on 46464, who’s fire had been lit with no water in the boiler and it was assumed that it was badly damaged. This proved not to be the case and in May 1988 the Bury Standard 4 Group purchased 46428 and it arrived at the East Lancs Railway in August 1988. The plan being to restore it once the group had completed bringing 80097 back into steam.

The tender was not purchased by the Strathspey Railway but was bought by the group restoring Standard 2 2-6-0 78018 at Darlington. The frames of the tender have been restored and a new BR3 tender tank has been made for it.

Transporting the locomotive from Scotland was a challenge as the Bury Standard 4 Group was short of funds. A member of the group found a trailer which would hold the locomotive. The owner had a customer in Aberdeen who was waiting to buy the trailer. A deal was done, some members would take the trailer to Aviemore allowing the purchaser to inspect it. A lorry was then hired for the return trip and a qualified lorry driver in the group drove it back to Bury with the locomotive aboard. The only other things for members of the group to do was build loading and unloading ramps at either end of the trip.

The first jobs done on 46428 were to remove all the boiler tubes and burn out all the bolts attaching the smokebox to the saddle. Many new parts and components have been made or purchased over the years for this engine and a start will be made on the restoration of 46428, once 80097 is restored and running on the East Lancs Railway.

After much deliberating and a couple of false starts, the Bury Standard 4 Group came to an agreement with the East Lancs Railway which required the owning group to clear tons of debris that filled the old platform 1 area of Bolton Street Station in return for being able to a purpose built shed to house 80097 and subsequently 46428. Around 20 lorry loads of soil, rock, trees and general rubbish were cleared from the site before building could commence.

In 2014 a member purchased a full set of connecting rods for 46428 from the Bluebell Railway to replace those which were missing when the engine was bought from the Strathspey Railway.

46428 was stored in the sidings near to Bury (South) signal box for a number of years. It was painted in red and yellow livery to coincide with the ‘Day Out with Thomas the Tank Engine’ Weekends as ‘James the Red Engine’.

By October 2016 work on overhauling the locomotive had commenced at Bury with the axle boxes being removed from the frames and cleaning of the driving wheels and frames started.

By early 2018 the driving wheels had been sent to the South Devon Railway for tyre turning. They were returned in mid 2018 after the work was completed.

By April 2018 a new smokebox had been delivered to the the East Lancs Railway and steel plates were being cut for a replacement rear dragbox.

Home Base Current Status Owner
East Lancs Railway Under restoration Bury Standard 4 Group
46428 at Bury 2012.jpg 46428 in store at Bury on the East Lancashire Railway-2012

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