5967 Brickmarsh Hall

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5967 Bickmarsh Hall was built at Swindon Railway Works, and was completed in March 1937.

5967 Bickmarsh Hall began its working life in the Midlands working out of the sheds at Chester, Oxley and Banbury.  In January 1955 it moved down to Newton Abbot in the West Country.  Here it would have helped in summer with all the numerous holiday expresses and relief’s that passed through on their way to and from the popular resorts in Devon and Cornwall.

In 1960 the locomotive moved on to Westbury and then a few months later to Old Oak Common in London.

Fitted with a boiler from a Modified Hall with 3 row superheater during its last overhaul at Swindon in 1961, it was then given its last allocation to Westbury.

Withdrawn in June 1964 it was sold to Woodham Brothers scrapyard where it arrived the following month.

It stayed there until August 1987 when it left Barry having been purchased along with four other GWR locomotives (2874, 3855, 4253 and 5668) following its purchase by Tony Rippingale and moved to the Pontypool & Blaenavon Railway. The five engines were stored out in the open here until 2007 when all except 5668 were put up for sale.

It was purchased by its current owner and arrived at the Northampton & Lamport Railway on 28th January 2008. Restoration is now well underway to return 5967 Bickmarsh Hall to its former glory.

At the end of 2018 it was noted that the owner was concentrating efforts on restoring his Peckett locomotive Westminster (Works No 1378)

Home Base Current Status Owner
Northampton & Lamport Railway Under restoration Nick Gilbert


5967 Bickmarsh Hall in Woodhams scrapyard in Barry – March 1981

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