62712 Morayshire (LNER 246, LNER 2712 & BR 62712)

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62712 was completed at Darlington in February 1928 as LNER 246 an allocated to

From 1928 to Nationalisation in 1948 it was allocated to Dundee, Perth, Haymarket and St Margarets. By the time it arrived at Haymarket in 1944 Morayshire had undergone five general overhauls and one heavy overhaul. These included new frames and cylinders in 1935 and the boiler changed four times. When originally built the engine was fitted with Westinghouse air braking.

BR motive power depot allocations.

Date ArrivedDepot
1st January 1948Haymarket
March 1948St Margarets
February 1958Thornton Junction
March 1960Hawick

62712 was withdrawn from service in July 1961 as the last working member of the class. It was then moved to Slateford Landry in Edinburgh for use as a stationary boiler. This lasted until January, 1962 at which time it was put into store at Dalry Road Edinburgh.

In 1962 Ian Fraser who had worked on the class at Darlington had become interested in the fate of Morayshire and after negotiations with BR it was transferred to Dawsholm Shed in Glasgow pending further developments.

In 1964 the 62712 was hauled by 62277 Gordon Highlander to Inverurie Works for restoration. ICI at Ardeer was able to store the locomotive until 1966 when it then moved to the Royal Elizabeth Dockyard at Dalmeny where it was officially handed over to the Royal Scottish Museum in Edinburgh.

In 1974 the Royal Scottish Museum agreed to loan it to the Scottish Railway Preservation Society (SRPS) with the aim of returning it to steam. After having work undertaken on the boiler and running gear Morayshire participated in the 150th Anniversary of the Stockton and Darlington Railway at Shildon in August, 1975 but spent much of the 1980s and 1990s in static condition after being taken out of service in 1981.

The engine was based at Falkirk and used on the main line until withdrawn from service in 1983. It was partially dismantled at Falkirk and due to relocation of the SRPS to Bo’ness and other priorities overhaul work only restarted in earnest in early 2000. This overhaul was completed in late July 2003 in time to participated in the open day at Doncaster Works. It became operational on the line at Bo’ness in August 2005.

In 2011 the 62712 was removed from traffic to fit new tyres to the driving wheels and re-metaling of the axle boxes. The tender wheel sets also have had their tyres re-profiled and springs re-furbished.

62712 was taken out of service on the Bo’ness & Kinneil Railway in November 2015 when its boiler certificate expired.

In 2016 agreement was reached between the Scottish Railway Preservation Society (SRPS) and the National Museum of Scotland who own the locomotive to extend the loan of the locomotive for another ten years to 2026.

In 2016 the Scottish Railway Preservation Society arranged for Morayshire to be sent to the Llangollen Railway for a contract overhaul. The locomotive was moved to Llangollen in the September 2016 and it is hoped to have it available again for running in 2018. It was anticipated that the boiler would require significant work including new sections of the outer firebox wrapper, throatplate and backhead as well as a new smokebox. The locomotive itself was considered in a tired mechanical state. The cost of the overhaul was thought to be around £200,000.

By the middle of 2017 indications were that the locomotive was in better condition than might have been anticipated. By the end of 2017 it was indicated that the locomotive would be back in service in the spring of 2018. As a result of additional boiler work being identified the completion date was put back to 2019.

In March 2020 it was reported that the locomotive would be returned from the Llangollen Railway to Bo’ness & Kinneil Railway without the overhaul being completed. The Llangollen Railway explained that the work specification and associated costings did not accurately reflect the true extent of the overhaul required. The Scottish Railway Preservation Society said “There have been problems about how much the repairs should cost, the quality of some of the work and changes at Llangollen, that have significantly delayed its return. The locomotive and tender had been largely assembled whilst work on the boiler continued. Llangollen Railway’s new chief mechanical engineer felt the records and evidence of the work done on the locomotive and tender were not satisfactory and had them dismantled for that recording and evidence to be collected. That process identified work that had not been done to a satisfactory standard.”

The locomotive (as a kit of parts) was be placed in store at a private site in the Midlands prior to returning north.

In July 2020 an appeal for £100,000 was opened to enable the overhaul to be completed. The plan is that a contractor will assemble the kit of parts to a rolling chassis and complete the hydraulic boiler tests before the locomotive is moved back to the Bo’ness & Kinneil Railway. It will be completed in LNER green and made available for hire on other heritage railways.

Home BaseCurrent StatusOwner
Bo’ness & Kinneil RailwayUndergoing overhaul  National Museums of Scotland  
62712 Morayshire at Dalry Road shed in Edinburugh – June 1962
62712 Morayshire on Dalry Road shed in Edinburgh – July 1962
62712 Morayshire at Dalry Road shed in Edinburgh - July 1963.jpg
62712 Morayshire at Dalry Road shed in Edinburgh – July 1963
62712 Morayshire at Glencarse - April 1981.jpg
62712 Morayshire at Glencarse – April 1981
62712 Morayshire passing Newburgh - April 1981.jpg
62712 Morayshire passing Newburgh – April 1981
62712 Morayshire at Boness - September 1988.jpg
62712 Morayshire at Boness – September 1988
62712 Morayshire at Bo’ness 0n the Bo’ness & Kinneil Railway – August 2008
62712 Morayshire on the Llangollen Railway – April 2009
62712 Morayshire Leaving Llangollen – April 2009
62712 Morayshire at Bo’ness 0n the Bo’ness & Kinneil Railway – May 2014
62712 Morayshire on the Great Central Railway – October 2014
62712 Morayshire nearing Weybourne on the North Norfolk Railway – March 2015
62712 Morayshire on the North Norfolk Railway – March 2015
62712 Morayshire at Barrow Hill – March 2015
62712 Morayshire at Barrow Hill – March 2015
62712 Morayshire at Barrow Hill – March 2015

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