The 77021 Locomotive Group has been formed in August 2013 in order to address this gap in the ranks of the preserved BR Standards. The group feels that, being a relatively lightweight design, the 3MT would be an ideal heritage line machine.

They believe that significant costs can be avoided as many of the required cast parts can be made from patterns held by fellow members of the British Railways Standard Locomotive Owners Group (BRSLOG) of which they are a member. Notably many cast parts are identical to those being used to build fellow new build locomotive 82045.

The project is in the early stages of construction, with the group obtaining various smaller parts.

By February 2018 the largest and latest part produce for 77021 was a smokebox door, including hinges, handles, smokebox number plate, shed code and self-cleaning plaque. Other parts such as buffers, j-pipe, and oil feed boxes to name a few, have been obtained by the Group.

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