78022 started its working life based at Sheffield Millhouses until 78022 was built at Darlington in May 1954. It spent most of its short working that depot closed in January 1962.

Motive power depot allocations.

Date Arrived Depot
May 1954 Millhouses
January 1962 Doncaster
July 1962 Stratford
September 1962 March
December 1962 Barrow
May 1963 Aintree
December 1963 Lostock Hall

Amongst other duties 78022 was used as Preston station pilot whilst based at Lostock Hall.

It was withdrawn from service in September 1966 and sold for scrap to Woodham Brothers at Barry. 78022 arrived at Barry in March 1967 and remained there until June 1975 following its purchase for £5,250 (just before VAT was levied) by the Standard 4 Locomotive Society based on the Worth Valley Railway (later the Keighley Worth Valley Railway -KWVR). This group had originally sought to acquire a Standard 4MT 2-6-0 to complement the Standard 4MT 4-6-0 75078 which they already owned. As no suitable 4MT 2-6-0 engines were available 78022 was chosen as a suitable alternative.

The engine arrived on the KWVR in June 1975 and was placed in store at Oakworth until July 1978 whilst work on 75078 was completed. 78022 was then completely stripped down before rebuilding the locomotive commenced in 1981 and was completed in 1991. As part of the restoration a new tender tank was purchased at a cost of £4,000. 78022 finally returned to steam operations on the KWVR in 1992 having cost about £70,000.

In an attempt to improve the performance of the engine it was fitted with a Giesl ejector for a twelve month period. This was a controversial decision and whilst operating on a line of only five miles it made little difference and was considered not to improve the looks of the locomotive.

Following the expiry of the boiler certificate the locomotive was placed on static display in the museum at Oxenhope.

In 2014 78022 was moved to Haworth and following the returning of 75078 to steam in February 2015 work commenced on returning 78022 to steam again. The boiler and wheelsets (which require new tyres) are being repaired by Riley & Sons at Heywood. The cost undertaking the overhaul is estimated to be about £200,000.

By the end of 2017 the frames had been re-wheeled at Haworth and the boiler was expected to be returned from Riley & Son (E) Ltd in early 2018.

It was planned that the locomotive would return to traffic in 2018 – possibly by April.

In June 2018 the boiler was lifted back onto the frames of the locomotive. Two months later a fire was lit again in the locomotive and it passed its official insurance test before moving under its own steam again.

The locomotive underwent test runs on the KWVR in September 2018.

Home Base Current Status Owner
Keighley & Worth Valley Railway  



Standard 4 Locomotive Society
78022 in Woodham's scrapyard at Barry - September 1973.jpg 78022 in Woodham’s scrapyard at Barry – September 1973
78022-Oxenhope-1994.jpg 78022 at Oxenhope on the Keighley Worth Valley Railway-1994
78022 at Keighley at KWVR - October 1997.jpg 78022 at Keighley at KWVR – October 1997
78022-Oxenhope-2009.jpg 78022 on static display at Oxenhope on the Keighley Worth Valley Railway-2009
78022-Oxenhope-2011.jpg 78022 on static display at Oxenhope on the Keighley Worth Valley Railway-2011


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