7820 Dinmore Manor

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Named after the ancient 12th century Knights Hospitaller perceptory Dinmore Manore in Herefordshire, the locomotive was built by British Railways at Swindon in 1950.

BR motive power depot allocations.

Date ArrivedDepot
November 1950Oswestry
September 1952Aberystwyth
October 1952Oswestry
December 1953Chester
December 1954Plymouth Laira
November 1959Truro
June 1960St Blazey
September 1969Cardiff Canton
August 1962Cardiff East Dock
April 1963Shrewsbury
October 1964Oxley
September 1965Shrewsbury

Dinmore Manor was the final Manor locomotive to work a train on the Cambrian network – the 18.05 up mails on 13th November 1965.

It was withdrawn from service in November 1965 and moved to Woodham Brothers scrapyard.

The locomotive was purchased in 1979 by the Gwili Railway and was moved to Bronwydd Arms for restoration. A lack of undercover facilities and funds resulted in very little restoration work being carried out, with the locomotive being sold in 1983.

While being restored at Birmingham Railway Museum the West Somerset Railway Company provided a financial ‘leg-up’ to the owning Dinmore Manor Fund. It made its debut on the West Somerset Railway over the summer of 1995.

The locomotive’s boiler certificate expired in July 2004 and the engine was taken out of service.

Its 10-year overhaul was completed in April 2014, and Dinmore Manor entered service at its new base at the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway following reaching agreement with the Dinmore Manor Locomotive Ltd the owners of 7820 on its use. It will however, operate on the West Somerset Railway between June and September 2017.

In August 2017 7820 past the 100,000 miles of running in preservation mark

Home BaseCurrent StatusOwner
Gloucestershire Warwickshire RailwayOperationalDinmore Manor Locomotive Ltd
7820 Dinmore Manor at Oxley – April 1965
7820 Dinmore Manor at Hollingwood Sidings (Telford) a few weeks before being sold for scrap - September 1965.jpg
7820 Dinmore Manor at Hollingwood Sidings (Telford) a few weeks before being sold for scrap – September 1965
7820 Dinmore Manor in Woodhams Scrapyard at Barry – August 1974
Bits of 7820 Dinmore Manor at Tyseley – June 2011
7820 Dinmore Manor arriving at Gotherington Halt on the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway – May 2014
7820 Dinmore Manor at Quorm on the Great Central Railway – January 2015
7820 Dinmore Manor & 7822 Foxcote Manor approaching Berwyn Tunnel on the Llangollen Railway – April 2016
7820 Dinmore Manor at Llangollen – April 2016
7820 Dinmore Manor at Consall on the Churnet Valley Railway – October 2017
7820 Dinmore Manore at Toddington on the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway – April 2018
7820 Dinmore Manor at Burrs Country Park on the East Lancs Railway heading empty stock – October 2021
7820 Dinmore Manor at Bury on the East Lancs Railway – October 2021

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