80151 was built at Brighton in January 1957 and is the youngest of the class to be preserved. It spent its entire working life based on the Southern Region.

Motive power depot allocations.

Date Arrived Depot
January 1957 Brighton
December 1963 Redhill
May 1965 Salisbury
October 1966 Eastleigh

80151 was withdrawn from service in May 1967 after just over ten years of running on BR metal. It was sold to Woodham Brothers at Barry for scrap and arrived at the scrapyard in October 1967. It remained at Barry until May 1975 following its purchase in 1974 by a group based in Essex.

Restoration work proceeded slowly and in 1998 the locomotive was transferred to the Bluebell Railway where the restoration was completed and 80151 went into service in 2001.

The engine was withdrawn prematurely in late 2010 with leaking tubes. Boiler repairs were carried out in early 2011 and the locomotive returned to service. It was finally withdrawn from traffic in May 2012 following expiry of its boiler ticket. Work began on overhauling the locomotive in September 2015.

In September 2105 an overhaul of 80151 commenced with one of the first tasks being the removal of the driving wheels for re-tyring.

By early 2017 work on the overhaul had progressed to the state that the frames were ready for re-wheeling following the fitting of a new frame stretcher.

By September 2017 the locomotive had been re-wheeled with brake, lubrication and injector pipework being fitted. The earlier hope was to have 80151 operational in 2017 but this is now forecast to be in 2018.


Home Base Current Status Owner
Bluebell Railway Under overhaul 80151 Locomotive Co Ltd
80151 at Brighton shed - September 1962.jpg 80151 at Brighton – September 1962
80151 Sheffield Park 2012.jpg 80151 at Sheffield Park on the Bluebell Railway-2012

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