Andrew Barclay Works No 1047   Storefield No 11 0-4-0ST

This locomotive was built by Andrew Barclay in 1905 and was delivered new to Cargo Fleet Iron Co Ltd at Middlesborough where it hauled iron ore tippers from the exchange sidings.

The locomotive was later employed at the Storefield ironstone quarries of the South Durham Steel & Iron Co., Ltd. were located on the eastern side of the Kettering to Corby line, north of Glendon South Junction and south of Corby itself. They were opened for wartime production in May 1940 and remained in operation until closed in 1971.

Five years earlier Cargo Fleet Iron Co Ltd had been acquired by Weardale Steel, Coal and Coke Co Ltd but the name was retained for that part of the business. The new owners invested heavily in the business to bring it up to date and making it the most modern steelworks in Britain.

In 1951 the organisation was nationalised under the Iron and Steel Act and became part of the Iron and Steel Corporation of Great Britain.

In 1953 a reorganisation of the parent company of South Durham Steel and Iron Co took place which resulted in Cargo Fleet Iron Co no longer existing. Although the Cargo Fleet name was retained as the company had a world-wide reputation for rolled steel products.

The locomotive is now based at the East Anglia Railway Museum where it was restored to steam in 2013.

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