Andrew Barclay Works No 1619 Toto 0-4-0ST


Weight 35t 0cwt
Driving Wheels 3ft 7ins
Boiler Pressure 160psi
Cylinders Outside – 16in x 24in
Tractive Effort 19,430lbf

This locomotive was built in 1915 by Andrew Barclay and it was used by the Blaenavon Co Ltd in the Afon Lwyd valley in South Wales.

The history of Blaenavon Co Ltd goes back to the 1830s but there were a number of name changes following financial problems before the Blaenavon Company was registered in 1880 to take over the business of the Blaenavon Iron and Steel Company. In 1911 the company extended by the construction of a coke and by-Product plant.

In 1947 the ownership of the locomotive passed to the National Coal Board (NCB) when the coal industry was nationalised.

The locomotive was in very poor condition when it was acquired in 1987 by East Essex Locomotive Preservation Society members.

It is now being restored at the Mangapps Railway.

AB1619.jpg 1619 at NCB Blaenavon – April 1973

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