Andrew Barclay Works No 1863    No 1 0-4-0ST

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Works No 1863    No 1      0-4-0ST

This locomotive was built by Andrew Barclay in 1926 to work at the Anglo-Scottish Sugar Beet Co at Cupar.

During the First World War there was problems with sugar supplies due to difficulties in shipping sugar cane from the British colonies and the disruption to supplies on the French/Belgian border. This drove up the price of sugar and led to the Government pushing through the Sugar Act in 1925 which provided subsidies for the building new factories. This subsidy helped to establish the Cupar sugar beet factory.

In 1935, following a major Government review, the ownership of all sugar beet factories was rationalised and the Cupar facility then came under the ownership of the British Sugar Corporation.

The Cupar plant employed some 200 people when production peaked in the 1960s during the 90 day production peak. In order to ensure the plant operated at full capacity 15,000 acres were required to grow the sugar cane. That area did not exist within economic distance of Cupar. Throughout the later part of the 1960s this volume was never achieved and the plant was not regarded as economically viable resulting in its closure in 1971.

Following its industrial usage the locomotive has steamed on the Caledonian Railway at Brechin. It is currently operational there.

1863 at Brechin on the Caledonian railway – August 2016
1863 at Brechin on the Caledonian Railway – June 2018
1863 at Brechin on the Caledonian Railway – August 2018

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