Andrew Barclay Works No 2015    Tom Parry 0-4-0ST


Weight 25t 0cwt
Driving Wheels 3ft 6ins
Boiler Pressure 160psi
Cylinders Outside – 14in x 22in
Tractive Effort 13,962lbf

This locomotive was built by Andrew Barclay in 1935 and was supplied new to the Central Portland Cement Company Ltd., Kirton Lindsey in Lincolnshire.

The firm later became the Alpha Cement Company, and in 1949, G. & T. Earle Ltd., who were a subsidiary of Associated Portland Cement Manufacturers (APCM).

Following the withdrawal of the locomotive from service at their Houghton Regis plant in Bedfordshire in 1967 APCM donated it to the Quainton Railway Society.

Tom Parry is currently being overhauled at the Pontypool & Blaenavon Railway.    

In October 2020 the locomotive was advertised for sale on eBay at a price of £5,000 for the dismantled locomotive.

It was reported in early 2021 that the locomotive would be moving from the Pontypool & Blaenavon Railway in January or February of that year.

By December 2021 the locomotive was under overhaul at Williton on the West Somerset Railway.

After being cosmetically restored the locomotive was moved to the Kent & East Sussex Railway and placed on display at Northiam by May 2022.

2015 at the Pontypool & Blaenavon Railway – September 2018
2015 under overhaul at Williton on the West Somerset Railway – December 2021
2015 ready to leave Williton after being cosmetically restored – April 2022

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