Andrew Barclay Works No 2268 Glaxo 0-4-0F

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This locomotive was built by Andrew Barclay and delivered new in September 1949 to Glaxo Laboratories Ltd at Ulverston.

It was a fireless locomotive which means that it had a steam accumulator rather than a boiler and was charged up with steam from a stationary boiler. It also meant that there was no chance of it starting a fire.

It had 15 inch x 18 inch outside cylinders and 3 feet driving wheels.

The locomotive is now at Carnforth where it has been for many years and is now thought to be in a sad state.

2268 at Glaxo at Ulverston – Date unknown
2268 at Glaxo at Ulverston – Date unknown
2268 at Carnforth – May 2005
2268 at Carnforth – July 2008

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