Andrew Barclay Works No 2274 0-4-0ST

AB 2274 Bowes Railway  August 1998.jpg

This locomotive was built by Andrew Barclay in 1949 and was delivered new to the National Coal Board (NCB) Springwell Bank Foot locomotive shed where it became Bowes No 22.

After working four years at the Jarrow end of the Bowes Railway it was transferred to pits in the Durham Coalfield.

In July 1954 it moved to East Tanfield Colliery. From there it was loaned to the Tanfield Lea Colliery in October/November 1957 and April 1958.

In November 1959 it was moved to the Bowes Marley Hill shed where it operated as the Burnopfield pilot until August 1968.

The locomotive was then transferred to the St. Anthony’s Tar Works in Newcastle upon Tyne. It did little work there, and none at all after 1973.

In 1976 it was loaned to the Bowes Railway who subsequently purchased it.

The locomotive was taken out of service in June 2017 when its boiler certificate expired.

The locomotive was still awaiting overhaul in 2020.

2274 at Springwell Incline on the Bowes Railway – April 1979
2274 at Springwell Depot on the Bowes Railway – June 1981
AB 2274 Bowes Railway  August 1998.jpg
2274 on the Bowes Railway August 1998
2274 at the Bowes Railway – June 2017
2274 at the Bowes Railway – June 2017

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