Andrew Barclay Works No 2361        WST     0-4-0ST 


This locomotive was built in 1954 by Andrew Barclay and delivered new to Long Meg plaster and mineral Co Ltd at Carlisle. Here the locomotive was named WST after William Steuart Trimble who was the Deputy Chairman of the company.

The mine owned several locomotives used to shunt carts between the mine, the plaster mill and the Settle-Carlisle Railway junction nearby.

The mine, which was originally opened in 1880, was re-opened in 1922 for the extraction of anhydrite by the Long Meg Plaster and Mineral Company Ltd. This was purchased in 1939 by the British Plaster Board Ltd who later became known as British Gypsum. The facility closed in January 1976.

The 1 millionth tonne of anhydrite was shipped to the plant in Widnes on 20 May 1959 and before it closed in January 1976 over 5 million tonnes had been extracted.

In 1969 it was later transferred to the Cocklakes work in Cumbria where it was employed as a standby for the diesel locomotives there.

It was placed on loan by British Gypsum to the Bowes Railway in 1980 before becoming a Bowes engine in 2008.

The locomotive is based on the Bowes Railway but is not currently in service as it awaits an overhaul.

2361 on the Bowes Railway – January 2002
2361 on the Bowes Railway – October 2005
2361 at Beamish Museum – September 2009
2361 at Bowes Railway – February 2017

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