Andrew Barclays Works No 2088    Sir Thomas Royden 0-4-0ST

AB 2088  Nunsbur Hill Tramway  March 2012.jpg

This locomotive was built by Andrew Barclay in 1940.

It was intended that the locomotive would be used at Stourport but the new standard gauge facilities were not quite ready when the locomotive was completed. As a result it was delivered to Little Barford Power Station in Bedfordshire in May 1940 before moving to Stourport in the following year.

The Stourport Power Station was owned by Edmundsons Electricity Corporation until the industry was nationalised in 1948 when it came under the authority of the British Electricity Authority.

The locomotive was given the name Sir Thomas Royden after a Director of Edmundsons.

In August 1977 the locomotive moved to the Titanic Steamship Company before moving to Market Overton in March 1979.

In early 1980 the locomotive moved to the Rutland Railway at Cottesmore where it is still based.

2088 at Stourport Power Station – circa 1969
AB 2088  Nunsbur Hill Tramway  March 2012.jpg
2088 on the Nunsbur Hill Tramway – March 2012
AB 2088 Rocks by Rail Nov 2014.jpg
2088 at Rocks By Rail – November 2014

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