Andrew Barclay Works No 2360    Brian Harrison No 3 0-4-0ST

AB 2360 Ribble Steam railway Feb 2013.jpg

This locomotive was built by Andrew Barclay in 1954 and spent its working life at the Central Electricity Generating (CEGB) power station at Ferrybridge in Yorkshire.

It was taken out of service around 1970 when diesel power was introduced.

The locomotive then spent 35 years in store at Tinsley in Sheffield.

The locomotive was loaned to the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway in October 2005 who had agreed to restore it.

2360 passed its boiler certificate test in 2009 and entered traffic on the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway early in the following year. Following the expiry of the ten year boiler certificate the locomotive was withdrawn from service and is now awaiting an overhaul.

2360 on a low loader at Harrisons depot in Tinsley – Circa 1981
AB 2360 Ribble Steam railway Feb 2013.jpg
2360 Ribble Steam Railway – February 2013
2360 at Wirkworth on the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway – June 2022

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