Aveling & Porter Works No 8880     Sir Vincent 0-4-0WTG

Aveling Porter 8880.jpg

This locomotive was built by Aveling & Porter in 1917. The company are better known for building traction engines. It is an 0-4-0WT compound locomotive with an enclosed cab, steam brake and flywheel.

The locomotive was built for Vickers Armstrong Ltd. Who were an armaments manufacturers at Erith in Kent. It is named after its chief financier.

In 1932 it was sold to British Oil and Cake Mills, also at Erith, Kent.

It was withdrawn from service in 1966 and sold into preservation. Its owner completely rebuilt it with a new firebox, coal bunker and tender. This work was completed in 1993.

The locomotive was based at the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre at Quainton between 1998 and 2003.

It is currently based at Fifield in Berkshire at a private site.

The locomotive operated on one day during April 2020 and completed 1½ miles on the private railway when it was operated by David and Patricia Buck who own the locomotive. It is believed to be the only standard gauge steam locomotive to have run during the month when all public heritage lines were closed due to the Corvid-19 lockdown.

Aveling & Porter 8800 at BOCM Erith - August 1964.jpg
8800 at BOCM Erith – August 1964
Aveling Porter 8880.jpg
8800 at Beamish Museum – September 2010

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